Bad penny productions are...

Jolen Casper

Alex McIver (AKA Linear)

& Len Wilson

The Birth of Bad Penny Productions by Jolen Casper & Alex McIver (AKA Linear)

Once upon a time, the Warrior-Poet, Len, grew weary of the world around him and chose to stride out across the lands, defying the dark Duke who ruled over his homeland.

As he journeyed, the Warrior-Poet filled the hearts of all who would listen with the sounds of his music and wisdom.

Battling dragons and the creatures of fear, Len became known and respected across the lands, but his journey was far from complete. On the island of Eros, he discovered the fair maiden, Jolen, a Wiccad Witch who wove spells and poetry.

Seeing the power of her words and character, the Warrior-Poet joined forces with this Sensual-Sorceress. Together they entertained those they met with tales of heroism and tomfoolery.

With her sharp tongue and fast wit, the Sorceress became the voice of many a character, while the Warrior, with his story crafting skills, constructed the epic yarns they told in the taverns and town halls.

Together this pair became known as the Bad Pennies.

In a far away land, the two stumbled across Alex, the Twisted-Aku, a story telling spirit, trapped within an ancient oak tree. Knowing they had found their kin, the Bad Pennies freed the spirit and invited him to join their party.

The trio complete, these Bad Pennies set forth to conquer the world, spread their tales and Jolen's creamy white thighs with songs and poems the likes of which has never been seen before, but now no one can get rid of...Those damn Bad Pennies.

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