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A Necessary Killing

Julie Sumner is no quitter. When her husband is killed, she runs their plague-threatened farm alone. All around battle the same danger and wonder at her refusal to grieve, but Julie’s obsessive allegiance to the land and her animals is the only thing that keeps her going.

Even when everyone else surrenders, she fights on in a barricade of barbed wire. And when it is men, not bugs, that smash her defences, Julie still isn’t beaten. She uncovers the identity of the man who wiped her out, and she knows where to find him. Now her goal is murder, the perfect murder…a necessary killing.

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Hilary Lloyd lives on a smallholding in Shropshire, dividing her time between a small flock of sheep, growing vegetables, and writing. Once a teacher, she much prefers the great outdoors to stuffy classrooms but is equally content sitting at a window writing or breaking her back digging, upending sheep and hauling bales of straw. A recent bequest allowed her to indulge a long-held dream of owning a shabby Land Rover. That it lets her snoop over hedges while driving is almost as important to her as its capacity for rough tracks and hefty loads.

She has had short stories published in women’s magazines and in small press magazines, and has won or been placed in several writing competitions. Though she has two unpublishable novels lurking in a cupboard, she looks on them with some appreciation knowing they were excellent training grounds.

Kate Long, The TimesEdit

"A gripping portrait of a modern tragedy" Kate Long, The Times: '2006 new star of fiction'


Published by UKA Press [2]